Most popular colored toilet seats

Who knew that toilet seats could also be colored? They are just toilet seats, they aren’t meant to be noticed anyway. But are you aware that colored toilet seats are more popular than your “normal” toilet seats. However, if you are more surprised about colored toilet seats, then you will be even more perplexed to hear that toilet seats can also be designed to take different styles. Color choice however is up to you and what you may want your bathroom to look like.

Although toilet seats may come in different colors, it should be noted that white remains most people’s favorite. It is not a crime to have a white toilet seat in your bathroom. The colors are simply meant to bring a different feel to what you are already used to. You may just find the colored toilet seats very appealing for your bathroom décor. You could also use this effect to mark territories. Like when you have boys’ vs. girls’ toilets, or when you want to please your toddler with their favorite color.

About colored toilet seats

One thing you should take note of before we go any further, is that different manufacturers rarely use the same description when color-coding their respective toilet seats. Apart from just the color mentions of say, green, or pink or yellow, you are also likely to encounter names like Azure green, or Colonial Blue. I will be reviewing some popular brands and you will get a chance to know more.

Most popular colored toilet seats take the shape of the common toilets in our home. Depending on whether you have a round or an elongated toilet, there are colored seats to fit your desire. Can we also classify wood as a colored seat? (Maybe that is for you to decide). From my personal stand, wood colored toilet seats give that rustic or natural effect to your bathroom.

Because there are different manufacturers in the market offering colored toilet seats it’s important to have a favorite. I have been using the Bemis toilet seats and was surprised at just how famous they are. Bemis toilet seats have received praise from a wide array of consumers. There are other manufacturers that produce different and fancy toilet seat colors. Below I reviewed some popular colored toilet seats in no particular order but still very helpful.

Popular colored toilet seat Reviews

Bemis 200SLOWT 165 Round Closed Front Toilet Seat review

What does a green toilet seat mean to your bathroom? Some might argue that green represent life and maybe nature, but I like to argue that it is just classy to have a green toilet seat. The Bemis 200SLOWT 165 Round Closed Front Toilet Seat, Ming Green is a popular seat among toilet seat consumers. This seat has attracted praise from many customers because of its lively molded-in color plastic that is stain resistant. This seat is made compatible with all rounded toilets. If you have suffered the agony of accidental seat banging, then that is history with this seat that has whisper close hinges. The only sound you are bound to hear is the tap.

Compared to other colored toilet seats, this ming green colored seat really brings a certain cool feel to your bathroom. If you are not a fan of white or if you are looking for a green toilet seat that isn’t too bright, then this is the seat for you. Your installation is easy with this toilet seat and cleaning has been made a breeze with its flexible hinges.

Bemis 1200SLOWT 153 Slow Close Sta-Tite Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat Review

What happens when your bathroom theme is red? A red toilet seat will work perfectly for you. It is never chaotic or too boring to have red as your toilet seat color. If this is the case for you, then you need the Bemis 1200SLOWT 153 Slow Close Sta-Tite Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat, Red. This seat does not just end with the beautiful red color. Because it is sturdy and very well constructed, you are assured of it durability. The red color does not just appear shiny because it’s painted so; it is a molded-in red color that means your scrubbing and staining will not deter the bright red color.

With a red toilet seat like this you can totally change the whole look of your entire bathroom. If you like you can have this seat in your baby’s room so baby can enjoy potty training. You may also have it in your bedroom bathroom if you like color red. I do not know about your visitors, but if they like this seat then why not have it as your main bathroom’s seat. The seat can fit in all elongated toilets and you can worry less about it not fitting. You also get a chance to have a quiet session in the bathroom by not accidentally banging the seat after use. This is made possible by the whisper close feature.

Bemis 200SLOWT 211 Round Closed Front Toilet Seat Review

A yellow toilet seat may be what you require in your bathroom. With the Bemis 200SLOWT 211 Round Closed Front Toilet Seat, Yellow you can keep your bathroom as yellowish as possible. With this toilet seat it’s not only the color that is meant to woo you but also other features. Many of us are aware of what wood toilet seats can do to us. Sometimes you can never cope with the price, or you may just hate how the slam with a bang after use. This plastic yellow toilet seat has a molded-in color to resist staining and scrubbing effects.

You will save a lot of money if you decided to purchase the seat from online sites. You will never go for a wooden toilet seat because this seat is complete. It has Easy Clean feature that makes it tardy to clean because you can easily remove it. You can install it easily and won’t have to worry about it fitting in your round toilet. When yellow is your theme bathroom color, then you have been covered with this toilet seat. Instead of the normal white color that is getting old you can incorporate yellow into your main bathroom.


Bemis 500EC062 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat Review

I’m always worried when age catches up with my toilet seat. It means that vulnerability to getting stained is increased. When you have a grey toilet seat things are easy for you. With the Bemis 500EC062 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat With Easy Clean and Change Hinge, Ice Grey, you get the feeling that you will not be worrying about the little noticeable stains for a while. A grey toilet seat I have to say looks more luxurious than a black toilet seat. This Bemis toilet seat is wooden (molded wood to be precise). If you are fed up with plastic seats that just won’t resist stains and necessitated scrubbing, then seat is for you.

At last you can have a seat that is wooden and has a theme color of grey that can help you improve your bathroom décor. If you can bear with the banging noise when you don’t carefully and slowly shut it, then it is the perfect seat. You can remove the seat easily to clean stubborn stains. If you were looking for the cheapest wooden toilet seat, then look no further. The manufacturer recommends a special way of cleaning to avoid the shiny paint from scalping off.


Comfort Seats C1B3R3-53 Deluxe Plastic Contemporary Toilet Seat Review

A gold toilet seat brings a noble effect to your bathroom. As a matter of fact, you can use this toilet seat in your main bathroom. There can never be a better way of entertaining your guests in the bathroom than using this toilet seat. When you sit your tushy on this seat you immediately get a feel of comfort. One popular toilet seat in the market today is the Comfort Seats C1B3R3-53 Deluxe Plastic Contemporary Toilet Seat, Round, Harvest Gold. This seat is not the ordinary toilet seat you are used to. You can never mention durability and strong without mentioning this gold toilet seat in the same sentence.

If you are worried that toilet cleaning product will destroy this toilet seat (as they always do), then you can relax since it’s made of propylene that resists most chemicals. Installing it is very easy and you only need a screwdriver and everything is set. It also has ultra-violet protection that prevents the color from fading off. Therefore, you can maintain the golden look in your toilet for a very long time.

Bemis 200SLOWT 019 Slow Close Sta-Tite Round Closed Front Toilet Seat Review

What can a purple toilet seat do to the décor of your bathroom? Instead of always having the same white or black, why brighten things up a notch by having a purple toilet seat? As said before every manufacturer has a way of naming colored toilet seat and it may differ completely form another. For instance, the Bemis 200SLOWT 019 Slow Close Sta-Tite Round Closed Front Toilet Seat, Lilac is a Bemis toilet seat with characteristics of many of their other toilet seats. Apart from the color, the other features will be similar to many other different colored seats from Bemis. You however have to note the sta-tite feature that makes the seats easily removable.

You can never resist the fact that a plastic toilet seat is friendly even to the young ones. Kids love colors and I bet purple is one color that is irresistible to them. If you find it somewhat unfitting to have this seat in your main bathroom, have it installed in your kids’ room. Because it can be closed softly without making noise, you can worry less about your children getting pinched or scared of the noise.

Bemis 500EC063 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat Review

A pink toilet seat can be said to be more fitting when you want to bring in that feminist look in your bathroom. A pink toilet seat will delight your “girly” daughter if you installed it in her bathroom. Once again Bemis came to our aid with their Bemis 500EC063 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat With Easy Clean and Change Hinge, Venetian, Pink. If you never achieved beauty in your bathroom then this seat will offer you the joy of beauty. Like many other Bemis seats, the features are pretty much the same. This seat is a wooden seat so look out for features present in wooden seats.

Having a pink toilet seat will spice up your commode sessions. You may find it easy to sit on a sleazy seat like this one than a normal black or white toilet seat. If you are looking for a feminine touch to your bathroom décor and obviously looking for comfort, then this is what you need. You can read more online on how other customers have benefited from this seat.

Comfort Seats C1B4R2-45 Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat Review

If you like blue, then a blue toilet seat is for you. Not many people have blue toilet seats but you could break the jinx and be the first. The Comfort Seats C1B4R2-45 Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat, Round, Regency Blue is a well molded wooden toilet seat that is irresistible. This seat has been specially molded to last long in your bathroom. Like the name, it offers maximum comfort. You can never mistake the blue color with vanish and you will be surprised that the color is even throughout its lifetime. The finish is amazing and the installation process is always easy.

Mayfair 46EC 047 Molded Wood Toilet Seat Review

Have you ever used a black toilet seat? Many homes have for long had white toilet seats and many people are used to this. However a black toilet seat is something you’ll see quite often in some homes. Not all black toilet seats are of high quality like the Mayfair 46EC 047 Molded Wood Toilet Seat with Lift-Off Hinges, Round, Black. This wooden toilet seat is meant to last long and provide beauty to your bathroom. You can easily change the hinges and replace them. Cleaning has also been made easy and you can be sure the color will not fade for a very long time.

Comfort Seats C1B1R-18CH Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat Review

A brown toilet seat gives your bathroom a unique commercial look; the kind that you only see in 5-star hotels and restaurants. The Comfort Seats C1B1R-18CH Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat with PVD Chrome Hinges, Round, Dark Brown is not only a brown toilet seat but it is also made of special wood and safe American products. The dark brown color has been achieved through multiple coats. This color will stay with you for a very long time. The color makes the seat look shiny and beautiful. Comfort has made sure you enjoy your nature calls comfortably. The hinges are perfectly made to fit precisely on your bowl. Because these hinges are stainless steel, you can worry less about rusting and corrosion menaces.

Bemis 500EC162 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat Review

A silver toilet seat achieves uniqueness in your bathroom. The Bemis 500EC162 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat With Easy Clean and Change Hinge, Silver is the perfect seat for those looking to add a bit of grayish silver in your commode. Bemis have always led the others with their fancy colored toilet seats. A silver toilet seat with molded wood, easy to install hinges, easy to clean (simply wipe with a soft damp cloth), stain resistant, is a seat that can never be easily replaced with another. This is a very cheap seat compared to others with the same features.

Bemis 1580SLOW 723 Slow Close Elongated Close Front Toilet Seat Review

Finally, the orange toilet seat. I hate when orange comes last in any list because I once thought it was the best color ever (that was before I met green and yellow and many others). There is no orange toilet seat that beats the Bemis 1580SLOW 723 Slow Close Elongated Close Front Toilet Seat, Tangerine. I don’t know why they call it tangerine here (may be because it represents the tangerine color than the orange color) but it’s still orange to me. This seat is meant to fit on your elongated toilet bowl and is plastic. With just a few dollars you can incorporate orange into your bathroom and get rid of the obvious seats in your bathroom. This seat can match many other colored bathroom features like faucets and shower heads.


These are the most popular colored toilet seats that you will find in the market today. Bemis has a wide range of colored seats that will please your taste. They however only offer a 1 year warranty period if you have trouble with your seat. They also have the best wooden colored toilet seats that are cheap. Their plastic toilet seats are softly closed and very durable. Comfort toilet seats are durable and strong and you get special instructions with each seat. With that information I believe it’s time to hit the market and shop for a colored toilet seat. Best of luck!