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Best Santa Toilet Seat Covers 2017

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s so much we can do to our homes in terms of getting ready for the festivities. For instance, a Christmas Tree or the many decorations that you are traditional for this end year celebration. But how about you get yourself the best Santa toilet seat covers? Yes, for your… Read More »

Best Bidet Toilet Seats Review 2017

Toilet seats have revolutionized how we use our bathrooms. They have totally changed the way we look at toilet bowls. They have given us a way of improving our bathroom décor. Many of us have toilet seats according to how we like them. But the bidet toilet seat perhaps is the most amazing invention we… Read More »

Can You Get an STD From a Toilet Seat?

The debate about whether one can catch an STD from a public toilet seat has been raging for a long time now. Health forums are full of threads with different opinions. Health experts have written about it on their blogs and newsletters, but still the debate persists. Isn’t it time we laid it to rest… Read More »

How to Measure a Toilet seat

Today I will talk about something that is rarely done; how to measure a toilet seat. Let’s face it, how many people even take time to measure their toilet bowls, let alone the seats. We almost assume that this is a plumber’s job. But perhaps you could reduce the cost of calling your plumber just… Read More »

Most popular colored toilet seats 2017

Who knew that toilet seats could also be colored? They are just toilet seats, they aren’t meant to be noticed anyway. But are you aware that colored toilet seats are more popular than your “normal” toilet seats. However, if you are more surprised about colored toilet seats, then you will be even more perplexed to… Read More »

Kohler K-4694-0 Ridgewood Elongated Toilet Seat Review

Finding a good toilet seat is easy but finding a great toilet seat isn’t the same, it’s pretty hard actually. A great toilet seat needs to be the right size, right shape, right color, and made of the right materials because if it isn’t then it will be uncomfortable, won’t fit in with the bathroom,… Read More »

Mayfair 19601CP 378 natural Reflections Veneer Toilet Seat Review

We are of course here once again to review another fantastic product, this time it is the Mayfair 19601CP 378 natural Reflections Elongated Veneer Toilet Seat made of natural oak and with chrome hinges. A toilet seat may seem like somewhat of a mundane thing to be reviewing however there is a lot of considering… Read More »

Mayfair 83SLOWA Next Step Child/Adult Built in Potty Seat Review

When you want to buy a good toilet seat there is always some research to be done because with just like anything else there are always some products that are worse and some that are better. Well, the Mayfair 83SLOWA Next Step Child/Adult Built in Potty Seat with Slow Close Lift Off Hinges, Round, White… Read More »

Mayfair 9601CP 378 Natural Reflections Veneer Toilet Seat Review

Everything that gets consumed by people also needs to be reviewed by those consumers so that others have a better idea of what they are going to buy; today we are reviewing the Mayfair 9601CP 378 Natural Reflections Veneer Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges, Round, Natural Oak. A toilet seat may seem like a very… Read More »