Best Santa Toilet Seat Covers

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s so much we can do to our homes in terms of getting ready for the festivities. For instance, a Christmas Tree or the many decorations that you are traditional for this end year celebration. But how about you get yourself the best Santa toilet seat covers? Yes, for your bathroom. I stand to be corrected but everyone knows the importance of matching your bathroom décor in line with the current celebration.

Forget the any other Christmas toilet seat cover, the Santa toilet seat cover is what I’ll recommend. Apart from just making relevance for this time of the year, the Santa toilet seat covers give your bathroom a beautiful décor. The mood for the occasion should be reflected in every corner of your home, not least of which is your commode section. I have come to realize that this is the best way to get Santa on the toilet. This review intends to have a deeper insight into the Santa toilet seats and get you the best for this coming Christmas.

Santa toilet seat covers

Forget about your everyday toilet top cover for once just for this occasion (not to suggest that Santa toilet covers don’t last) and get a Santa Claus bathroom set. In general, there are many Christmas decorations for bathroom. Some people love simplicity and they could do with simply putting a Santa Claus picture hanging in the bathroom. Or you could engage your kids (kids are usually tremendously happy and creative during this period) to make useful decorations. Some people love a whole new look with Christmas themed bathroom curtains and much more.

However, the best way to get Santa into your bathroom is through the use of Christmas toilet seat covers. All these seats have a Santa on them; some as the main theme others just a small image to emphasize the point. Whichever means you decide to use to achieve a typical Christmas toilet you’ve got to have Santa involved in them.

Santa Toilet seat covers come in an array of different designs colors and shapes. It should be underlined that the choice of the theme color squarely depends on you. However, some colors like red are fantastic for any Santa Claus bathroom set. There are other colors like green, brown and white (though white seems to appear in all of them).

Generally you’ll go for seats that not only give you value for money and make your bathroom beautiful, also look out for durability and comfort especially for the accompanying rugs. A Santa toilet seat cover will also come with a tissue box cover that looks like Santa’s hat.

Here are some of the best Santa Toilet Seat covers

Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set (Red) Review

This is by far the best seller among Christmas toilet seat covers. It comes with people’s favorite red color red and it’s a 4-pc Santa toilet seat cover with a rug set. The toilet seat cover measures 16 by 14 inches while the toilet tank cover measures 20 by 11 inches (generally it will comfortably fit on any typical toilet seat and toilet tank. If you are wondering if your seat and tank may be slightly large or small for a perfect fit, the covers are elastic and will usually give your seat a very cozy fit. The colorful contour rug measures 22 by 23 inches and will surprise you with its anti-slip rubber back. You can therefore worry less about having kids using the toilet. The tissue box cover completes and complements the whole Santa look on your toilet.

I will strongly agree that this is the seat that is going to give your bathroom a real Santa look. I have gone to so many Christmas events (invited and uninvited) to know that the main theme color is red and white; this is exactly what you get with this seat cover. Depending on how you have set up your bathroom for the Christmas season, this cover complements just about any Christmas bathroom decoration you might have in mind. I also love the fact that the rug has an anti-slip back that ensures you don’t risk falling in your bathroom (I don’t know about you but Christmas tends to have a tipsy effect on most of us; it is best to have a stable stepping ground especially in the bathroom).

The seat cover measurements are perfect for the normal toilet seats that are found in our homes. As if that were not enough, I find it crucially beneficial for the covers to be elastic. It gets really boring if the sagging covers keep falling off. You will love this seat and what it offers to your entire bathroom décor and the Christmas effect it creates.

4-Pcs Christmas Santa Bathroom Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set – Green Snowman Review

With this seat you have a great way to have both Santa and Snowman. Your kids will love this same as your guests and whoever you decide to invite for the occasion. You will never miss a spot with this seat. The green cover on the tank is complemented by a mixture of black and white depicting a smiling Santa. This decorative toilet seat cover is a 4 piece toilet seat cover and rug. The seat cover measures 16 by 14 inches, while the tank cover measures 20 by 11 inches. The beautiful colorful contour rug is carefully designed and has an anti-slip rubber back. This rug measures 22 by 23 inches.

This Santa Claus bathroom set is what many would love to have not only to represent the Christmas festivities, but it also depicts perfectly the winter season. You could easily opt to have green and white curtains which would really match with the set. You can have your kids come up with other great seasonal decorative ideas such as framed snow man pictures to hang on the bathroom walls. With this Santa toilet seat cover and rug set you could also a green and white mat just outside the bathroom around the door to precede the interior décor. As much as cost effectiveness is not really considered during festivities, this set really takes care of that. You can never worry about the covers being saggy which is a real bonus for avoiding spoiled covers. I shouldn’t forget to mention that if your decoration theme is winter Christmas, then the bathroom matches perfectly.

You will also have to agree that the covers measurements make them fit on almost all toilet seats and tanks. Your tissue box takes its rightful place right on top of the tank that is covered green. The tissue box stripped red, white, green and black.

Christmas Bathroom Toilet Cover and Rug Set – Santa Reindeer Review

One look at this Santa bathroom set and you will definitely fall in love with it. Your boring toilet seat covers do not stand a chance if compared to this set. The Santa look is made special with the caribou mimic. Like the other good sets this is a 4 piece toilet seat cover and rug set. The toilet seat cover measures 16 by 14 inches, the toilet top cover measures 20 by 11 inches, while the rug measures 22 by 23 inches.

Apart from the measurements, you’ll love the color mixture. Just like the Arctic deer, the set has the brown soft color matched from the seat cover down to the beautiful contour colored rug. The colors are all meant to complement any décor theme you decide to go with for the Christmas period. With this rug set you can never lack complementing ideas. If you love simplicity, it’s easy to get a reindeer picture of Santa to hang on walls. You can also have bathroom Christmas towels that have deer pictures; brown would be the perfect color.

You can replace your bathroom rug and achieve a Christmas wonderland with the perfect and friendly anti-slip piece that comes with this set. If you can get a bathroom door mat to match the inside then you could create a perfect Christmas décor for both the inside and outside of your lavatory section. This toilet seat cover and rug set has received wide praise from very satisfied customers who also found it durable and very effective.

Christmas Santa Bathroom Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set – Santa Review

This seat creates a perfect impression of Santa on toilet. Basically anyone entering the bathroom can see a smiling Santa on the toilet. This time Santa is not embedded on the seat cover but rather just below the toilet tank. The set has the following dimensions; the seat cover measures 16 by 14 inches, the tank cover 20 by 11 inches and the rug set 23 by 22 inches. The tissue cover box this time is covered with the famous triangular shaped Santa hat.

With this seat you can never complain of a lacking holiday spirit. The red color is just perfect for a Christmas mood. If you are looking for a more literal Santa image and representation, then you can have this set and have the best season ever. See, on this cover set you not only get Christmas bathroom décor going but you get to please the toddlers as well. We all know how kids get bored quite easily, but if you can convince them with a real Santa cover and rug set, then they will never be bored of their toilet sessions.

You never really get the Christmas spirit going unless you can have Santa along. Other decorative seat covers may fit perfectly for mature people instead of the Santa one, but for the sake of the season and the glamour that comes with it, this could be the perfect seat cover and rug set. I love that the rug does not slip which means Santa gets to stay within the desired space and the image and décor doesn’t get disoriented. You can have white Christmas curtains that are holiday themed to hung in your bathroom. You can also have a Santa doll hanging from the bathroom roof. You can also get Santa’s picture featured on the walls.

Christmas Santa Bathroom Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set – White Snowman

With Santa toilet seat covers, you can also create an impression of the White Snowman Santa. This toilet seat cover and rug set just looks and creates a very clean and appealing impression in your bathroom. The tank top color assumes a natural black together with the tissue box cover. The seat cover has an impressive image of a white smiling Santa. The rug finishes off the simplified Santa look with red green and white stripes for the body and feet. The rest of the rug assumes a white snowy color to create the impression of a perfect winter Christmas. The seat cover measures 16 by 14 inches while the top tank cover measures 20 by 11 inches. The rug set is 23 by 22 inches and includes an anti-slip rubber back to protect you from unfortunate bathroom gaffes.

If your Christmas idea was to create a winter holiday effect in your commode section, then you will find it really necessary to have this set in there. There are other complimenting ideas to stay with you throughout the holiday and festivities. For this you can put up white curtains with snow images of Santa on them. You can also have the bathroom walls decorated with red Santa pictures and towels.