Best Bidet Toilet Seats Review

Toilet seats have revolutionized how we use our bathrooms. They have totally changed the way we look at toilet bowls. They have given us a way of improving our bathroom décor. Many of us have toilet seats according to how we like them. But the bidet toilet seat perhaps is the most amazing invention we will ever see in our bathrooms. With these seats you can say goodbye to toilet paper, germs, and poor hygiene. You will be ready to boast with comfort, convenience, sanitation and cleanliness.

Before the 21st century or perhaps a little earlier, the bidet was a standalone structure in our bathrooms. Things changed so quickly and now we have the paperless toilet seat. Bidet toilet seats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and material. The best bidet seats have the best features you will ever see. Though you may dig deep into your pocket, once you acquire them, you will not feel the pinch of having spent your hard earned cash on them.

All about bidet toilet seats

Why do people still use toilet paper to clean after bathroom usage? Can we all just shift to using bidet toilet seats and save on “TP?” I’m not suggesting to get rid of toilet paper for good, but we have a better alternative to cut down their usage. We could all be saving our trees and protecting Mother Nature (Doing the whole world a big favor).

How do you choose the best bidet seat? Are they any different from each other? Answering these questions perfectly really just trickles down to your preferences. There are simple made bidet seats. These are cheaper than the more sophisticated seats. You can also base your choice on bidet seat reviews. Here you can do a bidet toilet seat comparison and pick what’s best for you. A bidet seat comparison will give you the different and unique features of each product you intend to buy.

The best way to find out if bidet seat reviews are the best, is to visit product selling sites (i.e. Here you can look at the different products that are available to be sold. Look out for products that have the most reviews. Most reviews are long and genuine customers can be identified by how detailed the review is.

The best features of any bidet toilet seat are as follows: The basic bidet seat is meant to at least clean you after using the bathroom. You can look out for features like; two sets of nozzles for anterior and posterior cleaning (for those with a single nozzle, require you to turn in order to clean yourself from either side), you may have a heated seat, and an automated sensor. The high-end bidet seats will come with extra features like a remote control, a multi-temperature drying feature, a deodorizer, hot water with in-line heater, a lighted bowl, as well as energy preserving features. Below I looked at some of the best bidet seats.

Best bidet seats Reviews

Best bidet seats have the best and luxurious features compared to the basic bidet seats. Well, having a luxurious bidet seat may be because you need to create a wealthy tone in your bathroom, or it may be because you have a medical condition (like back problems) that requires you to have one, or you may just want to hygienically cleaner compared to when you use a normal tissue paper.

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat Elongated with Remote Control Review

The next time you go shopping for the best bidet seat, look out for the clean sense dib-1500R. This seat offers you sanitary, comfy and a brisk experience every time you use the bathroom. It only comes at a moderate price and is meant to make it easy for you to use. It may come with other advanced features but these are well explained to make your experience one of a kind.

You will notice the advanced features when after use you can turn the heated seat off to the energy saving mode. If you are feeling tired and out of shape, the Clean Sense dib-1500R will offer a pulsating massage and make you feel rejuvenated. This seat comes with a single nozzle that is self cleaning for a continuous healthful experience. You can set the heated seat to three different settings for maximum comfortable experience.

The clean sense dib-1500R seat has an on demand continuous warm water system that can also be set to three different temperature settings. You also get to choose the water pressure sufficient for the cleansing of your sensitive parts. There are three different ways to set the water pressure. The settings for the drying temperature have also been diversified to take care of your sensitivity and offer you a safe drying feel. If you are worried about the smell in your toilet then the clean sense dib-1500R comes with a carbon air deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh always.

I do not want to speculate whether you have children or not, but if you do, then they can easily use this seat with the child mode setting. Instead of gazing around for what to press before a setting is activated, just use the remote control to adjust the water temperature settings, the dry warm air setting, and the nozzle positioning setting. I can only see you loving your bathroom experience with this bidet seat than you have ever done before.

KOHLER K-4108-0 C3 230 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Apart from the universal white color that everyone loves, this kohler bidet toilet seat is meant to make you feel like a boss when you sit on it. Everything with this seat makes you a boss. From the price, the design, state of the art features and the comfort. It comes with a sensitive touchscreen remote control that makes life easy with each setting.

There is something with kohler toilet seats that just makes them a finger beauty. When a kohler toilet seat is a bidet seat, then the experience becomes extremely colossal. I’m talking about the inline heater that provides a continuous flow of heated water at different preferred temperatures making you experience limitless comfort. Just what more can you ask for from a bidet toilet seat when you have anterior and posterior self cleansing nozzles that supply continuous warm water. This means that you do not have to turn like you would when the seat has a single nozzle.

With this kohler bidet toilet seat the experience is continuously refreshing. When you are done with your nature call or just looking to clean your sensitive genitalia, there’s no need to rush things. Just set the temperature of the warm water however you want while playing around with the water pressure too; you can choose between a pulsating and an oscillating spray. The heated seat has 5 temperature settings. This means your winter bathroom experience just got warmer and lively.

When you visit the bathroom in the night, there is no need to switch on your light. The Kohler K-4108-0 C3 230 seat comes with an LED lighting system that acts as a night-light. There is a warm air drying system with adjustable air speed and temperature to dry your sensitive parts just the way you like it. The carbon filter for odor control keeps your toilet smelling fresh and clean always. The seat has a soft-close feature to avoid slamming and the quick-release hinges allow for easy removal and cleaning. You will have to part with good sum of money to afford the luxury brought about by this toilet seat. If you decide to buy this seat then you just elevated your bathroom experience to rich status. Just make sure you have a dedicated electrical circuit in your bathroom and everything will be fine.

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300 Elongated Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, White Review

The brondell swash 300 bidet toilet seat is an easy to use comfortable seat. If you are looking for a cheap bidet toilet seat then you are looking at the right product. This however does not mean that your sanitary comfortable bathroom experience is limited. As a matter of fact, you have just afforded cheap exhilarating comfort. In fact I want to think that the entry level price is just so you can install this seat in every bathroom in your abode.

Talking of installation, the brondell swash 300 bidet toilet seat is very easy to install with clear instructions from the manufacturer to get you started right away. The seat has posterior and feminine water nozzles. This means you can make your daughter happy by installing this seat for them in their room toilets. These nozzles are anti-bacterial and you can therefore worry less about your child’s hygiene and general health.

You can keep the seat warm by adjusting the temperature to fit your desire. You can also keep track of the water pressure whenever you are cleaning yourself. The aerated wash spray gives you different levels of freshness and is easily adjustable with the wireless remote control. The sensor inserted in this seat is intelligent and will detect when someone is seated on it. You can therefore worry less about automated functioning. The nozzles are self cleansing to provide 100% hygienic experience. With this seat there will be no noise made during closure since it has a soft-closing mechanism. The hinges have a quick-release feature that allows for easy removal and cleaning. Get to the market now and purchase this affordable luxurious toilet seat.

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated White Review

If you are looking to avoid sanitary and health issues then be smart and go for the bio bidet bb-600 toilet seat. This is not just any toilet seat that is supposed to make your bathroom look beautiful, but it ensures you live the toilet feeling clean, rejuvenated and healthy. This seat has a convenient side attached panel for you and your kids. This panel has a number of easy to understand buttons that make all the difference.

By touching and pressing the right buttons, you get different temperatures of the warm bio bidet bb-600 toilet seat. The dual action nozzle system allows for maximum cleansing and hygienic experience. It also has both posterior and feminine washes for the ladies in the house. This seat takes care of your sensitive genitalia through its massage cleansing ability. The aerated spray feature offers oscillating and pulsating experiences. When you are done with the whole process, and now it’s time to close the lid, do not worry about the banging sound since it has a soft-closing mechanism that reduces the slamming noise. The drying air can be easily adjusted according to the sensitivity desired. Apart from all these, the seat comes at a fairly considerate price. It therefore means you can afford to have it in at least two bathroom units in your home. Hurry and get shopping while stocks last.

TOTO SW2034 01 Elongated C100 Washlet, Cotton White Review

First, the TOTO Company has designed several different bidet seats but none can be compared to this for different reasons. This toto bidet toilet seat is designed uniquely to effectively clean posteriors and anterior after bathroom use. It is a beautiful addition to your bathroom and can keep your hygiene levels at a desirable high. With its retractable anterior and posterior nozzles, you will never leave your bathroom feeling any cleaner and refreshed. The dual-action spray with an oscillating feature provides a warm and massaging feel whenever you are cleaning.

One will generally fall in love with the side controlling panel that is easy to use even when you have kids. This panel has functional buttons that respond upon the different settings. For instance, you can easily adjust the drying air temperatures as well as the lid temperature. The automatic deodorizer maintains the freshness in your bathroom and prevents the nasty stubborn smells. This toto bidet seat has a very fair price considering what it does for you. A Toto bidet that has these features can generally be said to be the best bidet seat in the market.


When looking for the best bidet seats, it is advisable to look at the different features as well as the overall price of the seat. Bidet seats have replaced the bidets that used to occupy unnecessary space in our bathrooms. These days however, you can have the best bidet seats fit well in your toilet and be compatible with your plumbing methods. Each seat comes with different specifications so look out for one that suits your needs. Let’s save on the use of tissue paper and adopt a less disturbing method of cleaning after bathroom usage.