7 Cool Toilet Seats

Many people have loves and passions that they pursue, things they love to do, like to see, feel, smell, and touch. For some people it is cars, for some the beach, for some animals, and much more too. People fill their homes with things they love and things that remind them of these things.

So why stop at the bathroom, especially the toilet?! There are some really cool toilet seats out there that are very unique, fun, and fancy too. Your toilet doesn’t have to be boring, plain old white, and stained to all heck. Why not get a cool novelty toilet seat!?

You may think “well what kind of great toilet seats could there possibly be?”, the answer to this being that the possibilities are quite endless and that there are actually some very unique toilet seats out there to liven up any bathroom and show people what you really like.

These toilet seats can make a great addition to any collectors home and are awesome for anyone who wants to add a little flare and spice to their bathroom, or get a great novelty gift for somebody.

There are so many cool and fun toilet seats; ones that have nightlights and heating features, ones that look like the beach with seashells, ones with guitars, and even toilet seats that have money in them too!

Take a little read and find out just what some of the 7 most unique toilet seats have to offer!

Cool toilet seat reviews

Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat Review

This is a really cool toilet seat, excuse the pun because it’s actually a heated toilet seat! You probably haven’t seen a toilet seat quite as fancy as this one but let me assure you, you’re going to want one after you hear more.

We all know that it really sucks to sit down on a freezing cold toilet seat, the people in the colder placers will really know the pain; sometimes you aren’t even quite sure if you’re going to be able to de-attach yourself from the toilet. That’s why the Brondell L60-EW is heated and it even features 4 different heat settings to make for the ultimate designer toilet seat.

You can have it on anywhere from low, medium, and high for those really cold nights, and if it happens to be a warm night you can always have it on the off setting as well to save energy.

It gets even better because when it’s the middle of the night no one wants to blind themselves with a bright bathroom light, so why not just use the Brondell L60-EW that has a built in night light? The LED toilet seat’s perfect soothing glow will have you seeing just enough but not blind you to the point where you won’t be able to readjust to the dark again; stubbed toes are a nuisance!

The LED bulb is very energy efficient and long lasting too, not to mention it’s great for anybody with kids that might be afraid of the dark because the light up toilet seat provides great comfort.

Tesco Glitter Toilet Seat Silver review

This is the perfect toilet seat for anyone that loves some glitz and glamour in their life. I know the first thing people think of when doing a bathroom is getting a tile shower or marble countertops, but what about the simple things to make it shine?…. Or should I say sparkle

Well then this unique toilet seat is just the thing for her because the Tesco glitter toilet seat is really great looking and functions even better. It’s made of plastic so it’s easy to clean as well.

The glitter adds some real shine to any bathroom that really needs it; your whole family will really love it. It may just be a washroom but it can still look good! Have your little girl love going to the bathroom and potty train her just that much faster because she just loves the glitter of the funny toilet seat so much, and yes, little kids love shiny stuff!

This novelty toilet seat even works great for a party where you’re going all out to make it as real as possible; what would a 70’s disco party be without glitter toilet seats? Or maybe you own a rave venue, club, or an old timey themed diner, all of these places could definitely use some of these fun toilet seats.

Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid review

Now, this is a very unique toilet seat and toilet lid and that’s because it’s a bucket toilet seat and it’s exactly what it sounds like!

This is a seat and a lid that fits over any standard size bucket to transform it into a usable toilet in those emergency situations. Sure, men usually don’t have a problem, but what about going number 2? And don’t mention ladies, what are they supposed to do in an emergency??

This bucket toilet seat is great for camping situations where there isn’t any plumbing, just make sure to clean up afterwards.

This unique toilet seat is also great for those big outdoor music or Electronic Dance Music shows where the portable toilets are often full of people and disgusting material alike; no one wants to use a porta potty! So just transform any bucket into a toilet and go to the bathroom in the privacy of your own tent or in the forest somewhere too!

This toilet seat is even great for potty training because you can teach your child to use a real toilet anywhere on the go.

The Tote-able toilet seat and lid is definitely a very useful invention and deserves to be on this list no doubt because it has so many different and great uses!

Trimmer Polyresin Toilet Seat review

Have you ever wanted your bathroom to look like it was right on the beach with beautiful shells and sandy patterns? Well now you can move one step closer with the seashell toilet seat that is one of the best fancy toilet seats around.

This beautiful seashell toilet seat is made out of extra durable polyresin that is ultra stain resistant and very easy to clean to boot. You don’t want a dirty toilet seat just like you don’t want a dirty beach so get the best of both worlds with this unique toilet seat with seashells and floral patterns that won’t every get all grimy and filthy!

This is a very classic and yet unique toilet seat that will brighten up any washroom with its simple elegance and brilliant design. This is a really cool toilet seat that will go over especially well with the older crowd as children might not be a huge fan of this, but it’s definitely something to get your wife or your mother!

Jammin john’s Guitar Toilet Seat review

Now this is a really neat toilet seat because it is shaped like a guitar; you can actually choose from an electric guitar version or an acoustic version as well!

If you want to spice up your bathroom just a little bit and bring some funk into your home then why not get a guitar toilet seat?! Sure, it’s a novelty toilet seat and it’s a very unique toilet seat too. Impress your friends by getting this great toilet seat; you will even have the guys sitting down to go number one because they look just that cool! The Jammin John’s Guitar Toilet Seat makes for a great toilet seat for any restaurant that is based around music and wants to be the new Hard Rock Café.

Make any bathroom come to life and be a little more attractive that any plain old stinky bathroom by adding a musical note of brightness to your toilet with the Jammin John’s guitar toilet seat.Maybe you just love guitars that much, I certainly know some people that own multiple guitars and everything in their life revolves around music and playing guitars. So if you want to really eat, live and sleep music then why not go to the washroom music style too!?

Ginsey Resin Toilet Seat, Payday review

This is a really cool and kind of weird toilet seat; the money toilet seat is a really funny toilet seat and makes for a great novelty item that can be added to any washroom to make it really stand out.Make your friends laugh when they go to the washroom and bring a smile to their face with this ultra fun toilet seat.The Ginsey Resin Toilet seat is true to its payday title because it features a one dollar bill in the middle and is surrounded by change! So if you want to impress your friends and relatives then you should definitely get a toilet seat filled with money; that will definitely show them who’s boss around here right!?

If your house is already full of fun and tacky items then this would make the perfect addition because it’s just really fun to look at and will bring a grin to anybody’s face, just be careful because you don’t want to soil the precious money!Besides that it’s made out of very durable resin that is scratch resistant and very easy to clean with just soap and water.

The installation is very easy and it already comes with all of the required items to install the toilet seat and lid such as the nuts and bolts.If you want to add some fun and class to your bathroom then there is nothing better than the Ginsey Resin Payday Toilet Seat.

“Sea Isle” Seashell Elongated Resin Toilet Seat review

Well lets get the simple stuff out of the way first; this is the last cool toilet seat on the list and as the title says it’s made of resin and as we have mentioned before that is very good because it is very durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean as well. So if you have kids that like to make a mess then fear not because at least it won’t be too hard to clean up.
Anyway, this makes for a great addition to any beach or nature themed bathroom set because it looks just like the sand on the beach covered with beautiful sea shells. This would make for a perfect present for grandma or for mother’s day too!

The grandparents will just love the homeliness and the feeling of comfort it brings when sitting on the loo after a big glass of prune juice.This Sea Isle Seashells ocean theme toilet seat also makes for a great addition to any campground or restaurant by the beach as it fits right in with the sandy theme, not to mention that its shape can fit elongated toilets as well.If you want a really unique and cool toilet seat then this is definitely the thing to get!


There you have it, some of the most unique and fun toilet seats on the market today. You can get them for your own home or as a fun gift for someone else. If you own a business you could even get a novelty toilet seat to make even the washrooms of your establishment shine.And if novelty isn’t really the thing for you then you can always get a really fancy toilet seat that lights up in the night and will even heat your tush so it doesn’t freeze in the cold winter nights.

Still, if that isn’t your style either then you can always be the big baller or the big kahuna by getting a toilet seat that is literally filled with money and will show people just how important you really are.

Go online and check out some of these great toilet seats now because they won’t be around forever; find the one that suits you or anyone you know!