I know it goes without saying that whenever anyone enters your house they get an idea of what taste you have when it comes to home décor. The same however cannot be said of other parts of your neatly embellished home. Like your bathroom or toilet for instance, most if not all of us have always chosen to neglect that part of our home. However, today I’m going to make you think differently about decorating your toilet. Think about it for a second, what is the most standout item in your commode? Is it the bathroom faucets, shower head, towel rail or the toilet seat? I will jump the gun and say, you would rather go for the best toilet seats.

So, why do I need a new toilet seat?

Having recently moved into a new home and decided to change the entire décor to fit your preferences, why not have your toilet decor match that of your entire home. Maybe you have been staying in your current home for quite some time and are tired of looking at your somewhat lopsided, faded and stained toilet seats. The most informed thing to do would be to change your toilets seats to achieve the beauty in your bathroom. Obviously having an entire bathroom remodeling will only incur heavy costs (which is unnecessary really). I have been online to search for toilet seat reviews but all I could find is “how to repair toilet seats articles.” I therefore had to use the available information to create an article that is going to help you choose the best toilet seats.

All about toilet seats

I was looking online for some data and one thing came to my mind. How long does a toilet seat last? I saw varying information. However, I kept bumping on to 6-10 years which seemed to be everyone’s estimation (I will live that one to you). I however prefer if a toilet or the seat could last for at least 51/2 years.

Toilet seats tend to get ruined through cleaning routines that may leave them stained or broken. For the record, most toilet cleaning methods are meant to keep them glowing and rejuvenated. It however beats logic why they would be the main cause for damage and ugliness. Nonetheless, I decided to look for types of toilet seats. And, there are basically two common types; round and elongated toilet seats. This factor also determined what size they were. An elongated toilet seat is the bigger version, while the round toilet seat is the smaller of the two.

A round toilet seat measures about 16.5 inches, while its counterpart measures approximately 18.5 inches. It should be noted, however, that these metrics are determined carefully by measuring from the front of the bowl to the middle of the hinges at the back of the bowl/lid area. When it comes to picking the best toilet seat, it should not be a question of round vs. elongated toilet. This is because toilet seats are made to fit on any of the two sizes. Elongated toilet seats could only vary slightly from their counterpart if they were slightly wider to accommodate portly individuals.

Wooden vs. Plastic toilet seats

Most of our toilets are equipped with wooden toilet seats. This could be for any reason apart from what the builder recommended. However, it is not a shame to have plastic toilet seats in your home. Wooden toilet seats are generally comfortable and warmer. They are also sturdier and will last longer than plastic seats. Plastic seats on the other hand are generally cheaper and may be improvised to accommodate special modifications like an automatic slow closing lid.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best toilet seat, you should go for either wood or plastic seat. A wood toilet seat will offer you versatility, functionality, and durability. Plastic seats are more likely to crack forcing you to spend more on replacements. Wood toilet seats may be expensive but they guarantee comfort and steadiness to your back-side.

How to choose the best toilet seat?

There is no special way to choose what toilet seat will do the trick for you, other than choosing between wood or plastic seats. Other factors will depend with how you choose to purchase them. For instance, not all manufacturers will have the same warranty advantage. You can also choose read online reviews and sample out products that have received a lot of backing up by many customers. A good toilet seat review will have both pros and cons of a particular product. This therefore calls for caution while shopping.

To give you an idea of what products to check out and make things easy for you, I picked 5 products and reviewed them here.

Best Toilet Seat Reviews

KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood Elongated Toilet Seat Review

Did I mention that your toilet design looks lavish if it goes hand in hand with whatever décor you have chosen for the entire room? Most bathrooms are endowed with the white color and I’m not the only one who thinks this is perfect. However, when you purchase a toilet seat that is different in color, then you spoil the whole thing. This is why the KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood toilet seat is the best for your toilet décor.

Its color makes it a good choice for many. This has made it receive very many positive reviews from customers. Most of these customers did not have much to say since it is a toilet seat and no one really has much to say about the subject. But, I’m here to give you every detail, so read on…

Kohler has manufactured many products and all come looking as beautiful as possible. Therefore, be careful to choose the right product. The KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood toilet seat is the fine work of Kohler and comes with beautiful form as well as reliable function. It is traditionally designed to compliment traditional design lines of many toilets. Its wooden design means comfort and durability. If you thought it looked just like something else you picked and didn’t work for you, think again. This seat is made of compression molded wood and therefore comes with the kind of uniqueness that cannot be achieved by any other product.

I personally have had to endure with wooden toilet seats that are poorly painted and exposed my behind to very rough surfaces. This toilet seat you can be sure it is professionally finished and your visitors will not complain of their tushes being roughed up. You should however be careful when purchasing products online as you may receive counterfeits. Be sure to check for the right product and only purchase from trusted sites.

It is always great to have something that is loved by everyone. Being a best seller, this great toilet seat makes for what everyone would wish to own in their home. I cannot emphasize further the need for a toilet seat to last for at least the amount of time you spend in your home. When a seat is as durable as this seat, you can never worry about replacing it. When style is something that defines you, then you’ve your backside covered. The journey to the commode has just become flashy and fancy, something you never see every day. Everything has a downside and the negative reviews should not deter your choice of the seat.

Bemis 19601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat Review

One look at this toilet seat and you get the feeling that your nature calls have been answered. You will no longer feel the need to hurriedly accomplish your calls due to your rather poorly constructed seats. The manufacturers of this product had the best interests of the consumers in mind. I do not normally pay much attention to the hinges that come with every toilet seat, especially wooden seats, but I noticed a touch of class on how the hinges are made for this seat.

If you have oak wood finishes in your commode, then this seat will complement the new look and improve it altogether. The look gives your toilet the nature aspect that you never quite experience with the other designs that you have used before. I admit that most toilets should be made to have the universal white color. But think about the difference the oak look could give to your bathroom décor. The beauty of just looking at it is scintillating.

Have you ever known the oak wood look to show stains? I personally will tell you that sometimes hiding the shame of a stained toilet is needed. This should not be taken to mean less hygiene but when you have stubborn stains that won’t heed your expensive cleaning products and thorough brushing, then this toilet seat will hide the stain for you. When you purchase this product look out for the shiny aspect that never goes away.

It is common to purchase toilet seats and then discover that they could not fit on your toilet. However, with Bemis 19601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat you can fit it on any toilet size. All you have to do is follow the clear instructions given by the manufacturer before purchasing (you can read details online for a better understanding).

When wood used to look fancy and stylish, everything in our home spelled nothing but life. This toilet seat has the effect that every homeowner seeks to bring in their space. It is quite an achievement if you can do it by using a mere toilet seat. When visitors visit your bathroom they will have reason to stay there longer than they are expected to. There may be later problems however when wood cracks. Therefore be careful with the pressure exerted on the seat to avoid unnecessary cracks that also come with time.

Mayfair 83SLOWA NextStep Child/Adult Built-in Potty Seat Review

Smartness in your toilet is great especially for your visitors. This is exactly what this toilet seat offers you and your commode. The level of sophistication employed in crafting this seat is one to behold. I was not sure how a two-in-one seat was going to be perfect bearing in mind the amount of work needed every time you went to the toilet. This toilet seat does not require you to keep lifting or trying to hide the other part as it does so magnetically and automatically.

If you are a parent nursing the young ones is a bit of a challenge especially when it comes to potty training. It is easy to get tired of disposing off your child’s feces every now and then. With this toilet seat however, life has been simplified. You can now easily pull out the potty attachment and train your baby from there.

It is clear that toilets need to be cleaned often to maintain hygiene. But with many toilet seats coming in permanent hinges some parts remain uncleaned and could spell disaster if left to last long. This however, is not the case with our seat because you can easily remove it to clean the hidden filth. The baby potty seat is made of plastic and the baby will always be comfortable sitting on it and will replace any potty you have been using without baby feeling strange.

The white color gives it the desired look to be fitted in most bathroom décor ideas. It is probably straightforward but the color of any toilet seat should compliment your bathroom décor which in most cases is the white theme loved by many. The wood is molded and used to manufacture this next step toilet seat to give it durability. With this seat your naughty kids who feel amused with the banging sound of toilet seats will not bother you anymore since it closes quietly and mostly with just a tap sound.

When a parent has to keep tabs with the development of their young ones, it is only good if they can achieve practicality during the whole process. When you can have a potty-like toilet seat and have your baby use the seat, it saves you a lot of slack. Baby can learn using the commode at a very early age and growing up can never be great.

Bemis 9601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat Review

This is a product manufactured by Mayfair and comes with great functionality. Its look is one to behold because it resembles what can be termed as elegant. This toilet seat is a nature inspired product with the beauty that everyone looks for. It is easy to match with your wood finished bathroom features and brings a long a touch of durability.

Upon seeing wood you are allowed to expect a satisfying amount of comfort and that is just what the Bemis 9601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat brings to your tushy. It is meant to fit on all your round bowl toilets and does not fail. You are advised to measure the size of your round bowl before ordering one online. When it arrives you need to follow the instructions to install it. The installation process is very easy to follow and usually ends successfully.

Unlike most wood toilet seats that are made of molded wood and then finished separately to try and achieve the fine texture, this toilet seat is purely oak wood and does not require a lot of work to finish. It therefore means that you can expect a quality fine finish. The hinges used to attach it to the bowl are classy and durable ensuring the seat does not wobble when you sit on it.

Chrome hinges never get spoiled easily and when your toilet seat has them you can worry less about the durability factor. Nature friendly toilet seats are a great way to appreciate the mother of all creation. A wooden toilet seat that is purely wood and nature-like is what everyone needs to go for. Beauty in a bathroom also means that you save more on costs that would have been used to do a total remodel. Style is achieved in the easiest way possible; just a toilet seat. Be careful though when returning the seat and avoid banging it by dropping. Make sure you fasten the hinges properly to avoid wobbling during usage.

Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat Review

First, this toilet seat fits the perfect toilet seat description due to how customers have reviewed it. A look at the reviews from customers who have used the product gives you easy time selecting the product. It is however not a fluke that this commodity is right on top with other well rated products. The manufacturers have worked hard and smart to develop its look and performance.

It is made of molded wood and thereafter finished smoothly to make it look stylish and beautiful. It is the kind of seat that you expect to find in a commercial setting. A lot of home improvement products struggle to achieve this kind of quality but the manufacturers of this product have ensured you get what your money asks for.

It is always everyone’s wish to own a slow close toilet seat. This product offers you just that. It is always annoying when you have to hear the banging noise whenever you are trying to close the lid especially for wooden seats. It will do you a lot of good in terms of eliminating the cringe face you make whenever someone bangs the seat after using. It is also hard to find a soft close toilet seat among the wood made seats. This is a special fabrication that could do a lot of good in maintaining a quiet environment.

Among the soft toilet seats with many being plastic, the Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat cuts the edge over the other seats with its STA-TITE fastening system that not only ensures that the seat does not wobble, but also ensure it remains tight for a very long time. Cleaning is made easy with Easy-Clean & Change hinges that also make it very easy to replace in case of faultiness. The molded wood is hard and tough enough to enable this seat to last for a very long time. Comfort too is never too far with the fine finish provided.

There is nothing hard in my experience like finding a toilet seat made of wood that helps you reduce the loud bangs after you have just finished your nature calls. This seat amazed me with the uniqueness and functionality. Soft closing is no longer just something meant for plastic toilets, it is a universal design that really should be embraced with every toilet seat idea. When you can easily remove the seat for proper cleaning, then you are sure of hygiene in your toilet. I don’t mind the price if I can get all the advantages with this seat.


It is never easy trying to pick the best toilet seat from either your local dealer or online. It requires a lot of caution and consideration. While you may want to pick your seat based entirely on your preferences, it is more advisable to do so with other important factors in mind. For instance, you should consider your bathroom décor and purchase an item that seeks to improve the general appearance. Also, although the seat made of wood may appear to be the most comfortable seat, it is never a bad idea to seek plastic seats for a change and to also save on costs. Plastic is also known to make cleaning work a breeze. The products reviewed above give a clue of what products you can find in the market and the ones that can give you value for money.

Toilet seats are meant to compliment the look of your toilet and should in no way interfere with how you want your bathroom to appear. You can live with what the builder of your rented or bought house recommended unless they are too old or too boring for your taste. All in all, good luck trying to find the best toilet seats.